"9. Are men in crisis? Yes, but not the one that Hannah Rosen wrote about in “The End of Men.” There are as many different experiences of modern manhood as there are men. But one thing is for sure: men of all colors, occupations, sexual orientations, religions, economic status, and ages are searching for meaning in new and different ways. Many more men want to be involved fathers, even being the stay at home parent. Many more men don’t just want a physical relationship with their spouse but a deep emotional connection. Many men are re-evaluating the role of work in their lives and trying to sort out its importance relative to their home life. Many men are frustrated by the endless press covering men behaving badly and the seeming disinterest by mainstream media in real men who are trying to do the right thing in their lives."

The Good Men Project ( taken from: ‘ The Atlantic and GMP ’, full article here.)

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